Top 10 Medical-Doctoral Schools of Canada

Ranked by Maclean's magazine 19th annual rankings:
[1] McGill University - Montreal, Faculty of Medicine. This school is recognized for its wide range of  research interests, from transplantation host resistance to aging to genome studies аnd the mind-        brain-language connection.  

[2] University of Toronto Medical School - 27th medical school globally in other rankings.  

[3] University of British Columbia  

[4] Queens School of Medicine - Kingston ON

[5] University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine аnd Dentistry  

[6] University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine  

[7] Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine 

[8] Mcmaster University - Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine - Ontario  

[9] University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine  

[10] University of Sakatchewan College of Medicine

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