Medicinal mushrooms - magic of nature?

Medicinal mushrooms, there are many that help to many types of diseases or for prevention of disease.

The most famous mushroom after the mushrooms is the shiitake mushroom. He is considered the second most commonly eaten mushroom.

In Japan it has long been used as medicine for stomach cancer for example.

He is known in Asia as the king of mushrooms. In addition, the blood lipid levels can be favorably influenced, so that to prevent atherosclerosis by protecting against deposits in the blood vessels.

The shiitake mushroom is also a nutrient-rich powerhouse, since it contains many vitamins the body needs to concentrate. It also contains lots of vitamin D, which in meat is available and this is needed for bone formation. Thus, the Shiitake mushroom is also a valuable alternative for vegetarians.

The effect of Medicinal Mushrooms achieve optimal, the mushrooms should be fresh and organically grown are consumed entirely just.

But where do you get a healing mushrooms?

These can be ordered on the Internet and that there is hardly a shop selling medicinal mushrooms. The reasons for this is that most medicinal mushrooms are still unknown and can be sold so bad either.

The shiitake mushroom does not count and can be purchased in stores. However, it is not sold as a cure, but as a delicacy. Few know that the penicillin (from the group of antibiotics), is also recovered from a "healing mushrooms".

Which is also an incentive to use medicinal mushrooms, the fact that it is a wholly biological remedies - and this is achieved without any side effects a cure.

However, should Medicinal Mushrooms for serious disorders should not be used without therapeutic advice.

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