Why do we humans be obliged to live in sense of balance? The answer, because only in a balanced state of the energy flow of human life (micro cosmos) be able to stream in rhythm w/ the current of life energy of the universe (macro cosmos). And if it happens alignment between the micro cosmos and macro cosmos, the whole potential of the pure subconscious of human beings will emerge and can be processed in a maximum. One of the easiest ways to get the balance immediately is to do Aura Therapy.

All the series of processes in real aura therapy aims to restore the balance of the work function of all elements in human beings by nature. AURA THERAPY In the process of rational, natural, and the Divine, performed the alignment to change your life for the better, brilliant
and successful. As a result, seven natural elements of your body will become activated and emit an aura of maximum sheen. These results can be tested with an aura photo, which you seem to have high levels of magnetic beam power, the face becomes more beautiful, charming, bright, glowing, sympathetic, ageless, graceful, elegant and charming. By having a powerful magnetic field emission you can make anyone wonder and complacent.

Apart form the charm of self-functioning and attract sympathy, Aura therapy is also beneficial melt a hard heart that it becomes dear, reduce disputes, business subdue opponents, support and facilitate the career or business, obtain a successful future bright, has a high charisma,
prestige and great influence , so that the enemy, or your boss is cruel inhuman, irritable, fussy and hate and hostile to you, will turn into love, shy, polite, roomy chest, honor, respect and always give special attention to you and be your friend.

Aura therapy is good and right, will develop and cultivate the potential of the human subconscious WITHOUT using the "elements" or something that comes from outside the human self - like a genie, implant, magic, etc. that are negative or polytheists. So the results will be obtained is the result that pure from within the self.

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