Study: Fasting in allergy, digestive problems and inflammation

Who is too fat and carbohydrate-rich foods, one senses soon the tight-fitting trousers. "As of today I do not eat everything!" removal is the supposed final stroke to the current eating habits to a halt.

If temporary refusal of food is one with a mean fasting, it puts a weight reduction is not necessarily an appropriate solution - even though studies but also a lasting and successful Gewcihtsreduzierung by the fast show. And yet, I recommend: who will put too much on the scale for is a long-term shift to whole foods and to exercise much more meaningful.

Fasting means primarily a focus on the essentials, and a return to itself, an internal cleansing of the body ( detoxification and deacidification ), the mind and the soul. Some who decide to
fast pull back for a limited time from everyday life.

In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, fasting is the right preparation and implementation of as important as the fast-breaking and beyond.

Bernd Uehleke, doctors of naturopathic Institute, Free University of Berlin suggests, in inflammatory diseases such as eczema and rheumatism to fasting. After Uehleke, inflammatory reactions in the body through a vegetarian diet can be reduced. The reason is the falling Arachidonsäurewert. arachidonic acid is the chemical basis for the body's own inflammatory processes.

Fasting been shown to improve the immune capacity of the intestine (see also intestinal immune
system ), stabilizes the intestinal environment, and this in turn leads to better digestion and fewer bowel problems .

of immunoglobulins in the intestine proved to be of some three months later shows continued growth, a study of this clinic, Blankenstein and the Department of Medicine University of Witten theory: Through three weeks of fasting was the one.

Immunoglobulins in the gut to fight viruses and pathogenic bacteria. My gut bacteria to defend well from Histamine, a tissue hormone which is involved in allergic reactions.

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