Fat removal

When the fat off to: fat removal

Currently, in Germany in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery (so-called cosmetic surgery liposuction four methods used):

• liposuction ( liposuction )
• injection lipolysis ( fat way syringe ")
• the laser treatment and
• Ultrasound

Liposuction is the method of choice if it is to larger areas, such as the thighs, abdomen or hips ( saddlebags ). The fat is extracted in the form of complete fat cells.

There are several methods that are used as needed for connective tissue. The skin is marked with small cuts that come without scarring, and the fat is sucked through a needle that is inserted into the fatty tissue. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. A hospital stay is usually not necessary.

Injection lipolysis is only in small pockets of fat in question. The active ingredient of the syringe contains a soybean extract that is an inflammatory process with the result. This inflammation is associated with the decomposition of fat cells. The injections take place after administration of a skin cream that is mixed with a light anesthetic. Thus, the inflammation is not a large area, several sessions are required to complete fat loss. A subsequent treatment is possible after at least three weeks.

In laser treatment the fat cells are heated by a laser and dissolved by melting. Through the process of the lasers at the same time the lymph flow is stimulated, thereby transporting the body's own fat cells resolution is possible. This degradation takes several weeks, so the result will only be visible over time.

During this time, the skin forms new collagen gradually, which is a natural skin tone with the result. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. There is no scarring. This treatment method is generally suitable for all body regions and is also a drug of choice for cellulite. At very low center of fat cells and very large areas is to be treated, the laser treatment but not the drug of choice, but instead the liposuction.

When ultrasound fat cells, the cell walls of the focused ultrasound waves destroyed by the body and metabolized by. The treatment takes place in several meetings with at least a week away and is ideal for small fat deposits. There is no anesthesia required.

In all operations can occur in rare cases, impaired wound healing, improper skin care or even to infection.

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