Get rid of the fat: Liposuction

Liposuction (Liposuction) is part of the spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery. It is used to remove fat from the so-called problem areas (such as stomach, hips and thighs) and requires in each case that the fat can not be removed there by regular weight loss, and sports. It does so as a purely aesthetic measure without medical indication.

There are currently three methods of liposuction: the tumescent technique, aspiration lipectomy (UAL) and the Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

The tumescent technique is considered the most common method. In the region, such as thighs, a saline solution in combination with a local anesthetic is injected. Then a few millimeters in size cuts are introduced into the skin and fat using a special suction tube that is inserted into the fat sucked out of the tissue. The suction is simultaneously a character modeled so that a Dell can not occur.

When aspiration lipectomy fat is treated with the ultrasound. Through this process, a burst of fat cells is effected. Then the fat is extracted as previously described. This method is used, if a sufficient connective tissue is present.

The Power-Assisted Liposuction is a vibration technique suitable for regions are also in connective tissue. In this vibrant micro-needles are used to achieve due to their small diameter, a very good result.

The advantage of liposuction is in the fact that not only the fat are removed as such, but the full fat cells. Fat cells were extracted, can not be produced again in the same place again. Nevertheless, the fat tissue itself can still store fat, so that arise from a subsequent severe weight gain, unsightly deformations.

As with any surgical procedure can lead to impaired wound healing and infection. In addition, the treated tissue scar form that can go hand in hand with pain. An extremely careful skin care is therefore essential.

In any case, a medically assisted liposuction is performed with the purpose of a weight loss or as an alternative to weight loss. The operation is carried out exclusively adjunct to diet, and thereafter as regards the above-designated problem areas.

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