Stretch marks

Severe Stretch Marks

Cosmetic Surgery for Stretch Marks
severe stretch marks

Stretch marks, also known as stretch marks occur due to cracks in the epidermis (skin). Here, the inner layers of skin are affected, which makes the fabric resulted in severe weight gain in short-term scars. The scars of the inner skin layers are covered by a thin layer of skin. The stretch marks indicate neither sweat nor sebaceous glands. There are also no hair follicles.

The strips are dark red at the beginning of its growth. Take over a longer period which may last from a few weeks and months, to a white color.

Serve Stretch marks

are mainly located on the belly and the breasts, also at the hips, thighs and more rarely on the upper arms.

The strips can be treated in principle on three levels: by micro-dermabrasion, in the context of an abdominoplasty and by cutting out.

As part of the micro-dermabrasion, the affected area to be abraded surface. This tiny skin particles are removed. Following this will be supplied with the aid of ultrasound of the skin enzymes. After several meetings, the skin undergoes a marked improvement. Completely remove the patrols but that did not. The red stripe to the start of treatment still are, the better the chance of success. If the strips are already wei├čnarbig, micro-dermabrasion, the skin improved only moderately.

The second variant, distance in an abdominoplasty is usually a by-product of a tummy tuck surgery, and usually not thought of as a separate operation for the purpose of removing stretch marks. In abdominoplasty are removed after a weight loss of large flaps of skin and tightens the skin and the muscle and sutured. The disappearance of stretch marks in this context is a welcome byproduct.

It is the third version also possible to have the stretch marks surgically removed only by being cut out the skin and then sutured. This procedure is very controversial, because the scar formation through the sewn section is not necessarily less severe in appearance occurs when the initial stretch marks, and because it would make sense only in very few stripes. Serve Stretch marks

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