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Treatment to Yeast Infection

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Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

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University of Kentucky Researchers Design New Enzymes Which Effectively Metabolize Cocaine

New enzymes that are highly efficient in metabolizing cocaine have been identified and designed by researchers at University of Kentucky.

These high-activity cocaine-metabolizing enzymes could potentially prevent cocaine from producing physiological effects, and could aid in the treatment of drug dependency. The results of this study by Chang-Guo Zhan et al are published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology.

The effectiveness of the enzymes' work was evaluated through modeling cocaine pharmacokinetics, the study of the body's action on administered external substances, such as cocaine, when the enzyme exists in the body. As there is no FDA-approved anti-cocaine medication, the medical and social consequences of cocaine abuse have made the development of anti-cocaine medication a high priority. Administration of an enzyme to enhance cocaine metabolism has been recognized as a promising treatment strategy for overdose and abuse. A remarkable feature of the enzyme-based therapeutic approach is that one enzyme molecule can degrade many thousands of drug molecules per minute.

This pharmacokinetic modelling is a crucial step of enzyme-based therapy development for cocaine abuse. Furthermore, the general insights of the research should also be valuable for future development of an enzyme therapy for any addictive drug, as the general methodology of the modelling may be used to develop valuable models for evaluating the effectiveness of metabolic enzymes in detoxifying other drugs.

Ovaries Do Produce New Eggs in Adulthood

A new study has found that contrary to popular belief, ovaries do produce new eggs, or oocytes, during adulthood.

The notion of a "biological clock" in women arises from the fact that oocytes progressively decline in number as females get older, along with a decades-old dogmatic view that oocytes cannot be renewed in mammals after birth. After careful assessment of data from a recent study published in PLoS Genetics, scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Edinburgh argue that the findings support formation of new eggs during adult life; a topic that has been historically controversial and has sparked considerable debate in recent years.

Eggs are formed from progenitor germ cells that exit the mitotic cycle, thereby ending their ability to proliferate through cell division, and subsequently enter meiosis, a process unique to the formation of eggs and sperm which removes one half of the genetic material from each type of cell prior to fertilization.

While traditional thinking has held that female mammals are born with all of the eggs they will ever have, newer research has demonstrated that adult mouse and human ovaries contain a rare population of progenitor germ cells called oogonial stem cells capable of dividing and generating new oocytes. Using a powerful new genetic tool that traces the number of divisions a cell has undergone with age (its 'depth') Shapiro and colleagues counted the number of times progenitor germ cells divided before becoming oocytes; their study was published in PLoS Genetics in February this year.

If traditional thinking held true, all divisions would have occurred prior to birth, and thus all oocytes would exhibit the same depth regardless of age. However, the opposite was found – eggs showed a progressive increase in depth as the female mice grew older.

In their assessment of the work by Shapiro and colleagues – published recently in a PLoS Genetics Perspective article – reproductive biologists Dori Woods, Evelyn Telfer and Jonathan Tilly conclude that the most plausible explanation for these findings is that progenitor germ cells in ovaries continue to divide throughout reproductive life, resulting in production of new oocytes with greater depth as animals age.

Although these investigations were performed in mice, there is emerging evidence that oogonial stem cells are also present in the ovaries of reproductive-age women, and these cells possess the capacity, like their mouse counterparts, to generate new oocytes under certain experimental conditions. While more work is needed to settle the debate over the significance of oocyte renewal in adult mammals, Woods and colleagues emphasize that "the recent work of Shapiro and colleagues is one of the first reports to offer experimental data consistent with a role for postnatal oocyte renewal in contributing to the reserve of ovarian follicles available for use in adult females as they age."

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Healing eating disorder permanently is not a process that can be accomplished in one or two days. When a person is diagnosed having eating disorder, she usually has been suffering from eating disorder for quite a long time. This means that her eating disorder has affected not only her physic but also her emotion and spirit. Because eating disorder affects many areas of her life, a comprehensive treatment is highly needed. In this case, a comprehensive treatment means a treatment plan that focuses on all areas of her life including physical, emotional, and spiritual areas.

To be able to find the right Eating Disorder Treatments, people have to carry out a research. Doing a research becomes a must since it enables people to compare one treatment center to another thoroughly. As you surely have known, each treatment center has certain programs to help their patients. To know whether a rehabilitation program can help healing your eating disorder permanently, you have to compare several programs. In comparing rehabilitation programs, you have to do it carefully and selectively in order to be able to find the most suitable Bulimia Treatments. If you are able to find a treatment program that best suits your personal condition and your severity level, you will likely be able to heal your eating disorders permanently.

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What is the prognosis

What is the prognosis

What is the prognosis?
The first episode of rheumatic fever may last for weeks to months. Joint disorder is almost always over. Heart inflammation can cause permanent flap failure. The disease is associated with increased mortality both in the acute phase (myocarditis) and after (valve failure).
What is the prognosis

The immediate mortality rate is 1-2%. Patients who receive damages of palpitation has also increased the risk for serious complications from the heart later.

Treatment and diagnosis rheumatic fever

Treatment and diagnosis rheumatic fever

How is the diagnosis?
The diagnosis is based on the occurrence of several of the above symptoms or signs (Jones criteria), elevated blood sedimentation rate (ESR) and CRP , and laboratory detection of ongoing or recent infection with group A streptococci. ECG may show typical changes.

What is the treatment?
It is common to treat anyone with a penicillin cure for the eradication of streptococci from the throat.

The patient should keep quiet until the fever, and SR goes back and resting heart rate drops below 100.

There is no unanimous agreement among experts on the treatment beyond this. Anti-inflammatory medications are often used ( NSAIDs) , if necessary cortisone. However, this treatment is controversial, and there is no evidence that such treatment reduces the risk of heart disease.
Treatment and diagnosis rheumatic fever

If you have had rheumatic fever once, the risk is greatly increased for the new streptococcal infections can lead to a resurgence of rheumatic fever. With repeated episodes of rheumatic fever also increases the risk of serious heart disease. Therefore, it is common for children with rheumatic fever, and all who have had rheumatic fever with evidence of disease of the heart, recommended preventive treatment with penicillin for up to five years after initial rheumatic fever episode.

What causes Rheumatic Fever

What causes Rheumatic Fever?

Rheumatic fever occurs after a preceding sore throat. Signs of rheumatic fever usually occur 2-3 weeks after strep throat infection, but symptoms can come as early as one week and as late as after five weeks. The prevailing hypothesis is that rheumatic fever caused by an autoimmune process triggered by a throat infection with group A streptococci.

Inflammation of the heart is the most serious effect of the disease. Mitral valve (the valve between the left atrium and ventricle) is attacked in 75-80% of cases, aortic valve in 30%.
What causes Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic fever signs and symptoms

Inflammation of the heart it is present in 80-90% it can appear as chest pain, heart rhythm disturbances and heart failure.

Joint Inflammation it appears on 2/3 of patients and is 2-4 weeks after streptococcal infection lasting 1-5 weeks and usually heal completely. Common inflammation often moving from joint to joint, sometimes lasts inflammation in some joints only a few days and then spread to the next paragraph.
Rheumatic fever signs and symptoms

Rash (erythema marginatum) itchy rash with sharp demarcation towards the periphery and more diffuse boundary to the center. The rash may come and go.

Nodule under the skin is a relatively uncommon consequence of rheumatic fever in adults, but is more common in children persists for days and weeks and can come back?

Sydenham's Korean (St. Veit Dance) can sometimes be the only manifestation of rheumatic fever this affects 10-40%. Sydenham's Koreans are more frequent in girls and are seen rarely in adults. There is abrupt, purposeless, and involuntary movements and muscle weakness. Often accompanied by emotional disturbances. The condition is alarming, but is almost always by themselves.

Incidence of rheumatic fever

Incidence of rheumatic fever

What is the incidence of rheumatic fever?

As living standards have improved, acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease have become rare diseases in developed countries . Treatment with antibiotics has also helped to limit the scope of diseases, but less important than the prosperity increase.

Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease occur today mainly in developing countries. According to WHO there are at least 15.6 million people have rheumatic heart disease. The incidence is highest in African countries south of Sahara, on the Pacific Islands and the primitive tribes of Australia and New Zealand. Incidence of rheumatoid heart disease increases with age and reaches its highest level in the age group 25-34 years. 233,000 deaths per annum attributed to acute rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease.
Incidence of rheumatic fever

Acute rheumatic fever is a rare condition among the youngest children, only 5% of cases occur among children under five years, and the condition is almost unknown inchildren under two years. The first episodes of rheumatic fever are most common just before puberty, decreases in late adolescence and is rare among adults older than 35 years. Recurrent episodes are especially frequent among teens and early adulthood.

What is Rheumatic Fever Caused By

What is Rheumatic Fever Caused By

Rheumatic fever

What is rheumatic fever?

Rheumatic fever or rheumatic fever (febris rheumatica) is an immunological reaction in the body that comes in the wake of a throat infection with group A beta-hemolytic streptococci. The disease involves a diffuse inflammatory disease of the joints, heart, blood vessels, central nervous system and skin. The predominant symptoms are arthritis, heart inflammation, nodules under the skin, rashes and Sydenham's Koreas.
What is Rheumatic Fever Caused By

Although the acute illness can cause significant morbidity and even death, it's long-term damage to heart valves that make up the great burden - rheumatic heart disease with damaged heart valves. This condition is due to the amount of damage from repeated episodes of acute rheumatic fever, although initial infection can sometimes lead directly to the rheumatic disease. In younger patients, mitral klaffs vikt the dominant cardiac damage, whereas mitral stenosis is increasingly the common condition with increasing age.

Pain In The Chest Wall

Pain In The Chest Wall

Pain in the chest wall
Over half of that seeking medical attention for chest pain, ends up with a diagnosis of chest wall pain. It is a harmless condition caused by tightness in the muscles of the chest wall.

What is chest wall pain?
Chest wall pain or interkostal myalg denotes a state of pain from the muscles (myalgia), which is located between the ribs (intercostal). The pain can be daunting because the patient may fear that the pain stems from the heart or lungs. Complaints often lead to consultations in general practice. The condition is harmless, but it may be useful to study to disprove the suspicion of other diseases.
Pain In The Chest Wall

It is a very common condition. In a German / Austrian study found that the average age of those with this diagnosis was 59 years and 56% were women. Half of those who sought medical attention for chest pain, was diagnosed after careful studying chest wall pain.

Herpes Ulcers

Herpes Ulcers

Herpes, or herpes simplex is a viral infection that causes sores often to appear on the face or genitals.

There are two specific types of herpes infections.

Infection with herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is usually associated with cold sores on the lips, mouth or face. These lesions appear as small blister that eventually the crust is covered. The infection is usually transmitted during childhood and saliva.

Infection with herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) on the genitals and is sexually transmitted disease. It shows, as well as pain in the penis, scrotum, labia, vagina, on the upper thighs, buttocks or anus in the region.Symptoms of both types of herpes can vary from mild to intense. Really, is some people have symptoms so small that it dawns on them, they have herpes.
Herpes Ulcers

A human being with herpes does not experience symptoms outside of the virus, the body with virus. The virus be capable of be activated by illness or stress, and it can extend throughout skin to skin. Transmission is possible even when there are no visible signs of this disease. Herpes can be passed to a child during birth if the child comes into direct contact of the virus. There is no cure, but medications can reduce symptoms of an outbreak.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Personalized Cancer Treatment


Thanks to technical advances, it is now possible to study the entire genome of a tumor to select the most appropriate treatment in the management of the patient.

The research contributes to the development of a growing number of antitumor drugs particularly promising targeted therapies. These treatments are highly effective in their specificity of action: they act, in effect, on cells that have precise molecular characteristics associated with their malignant nature. Therefore, these new drugs are only effective in patients whose tumor carries specific abnormalities. Their administration thus requires genetic characterization of tumor cells to destroy.

A strategy to obtain maximum information on tumors is genomic sequencing. This strategy is to decipher the entire genetic makeup of tumor cells in order to catalog all the flaws that entail. By comparing the resulting catalog to the arsenal of available targeted therapies, doctors can more easily choose the most appropriate treatment in the management of patients.
Personalized Cancer Treatment

This approach has remained utopian sequence an entire genome was indeed a work far too long and as well costly for it to be done in order to choose an anti-tumor therapy. However, today the situation is different: an American team has indeed demonstrated that it is possible to analyze the genetic makeup of a tumor in three to four weeks, for approximately $ 3,809. This period is consistent with the initiation of treatment, and the cost is not significantly higher than other methods currently used to characterize tumors.

It remains a problem to solve: in their pilot study of four patients, U.S. researchers have identified genetic defects that can be targeted by drugs currently being evaluated. However, patients have benefited from these treatments: testing clinics being focused on the use of these drugs in cancers other than those they developed.

Thus, the use of sequencing to facilitate personalized treatment can be considered without a change in the implementation of clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of new targeted therapies.

Ultrasound Guided

Ultrasound Guided

Ultrasound guided dry needling of chronic tendinopathy

A number of different methods of treating chronic tendinopathy has recently been presented. One of the methods that are increasingly experiencing greater interest is the "dry needling" of the chronic problems. (In some literature called Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous pines Tenotomi)

In working manual therapist and acupuncture. For many years used dry needling as a method to treat chronic tendon pathology, and has followed closely the research that has been presented on the site in recent years.Muscle & Skeleton that examined the use of ultrasound diagnosis in a manual therapist practice. In this article, commented the need for ultrasound as a guide to perform a dry needling accurately and efficiently. Some researchers also call this method for a percutaneous needle Tenotomi.

Recently used ultrasound (U.S.) to guide the needle into the actual tendon injury. The use of ultrasound has several obvious advantages. The clinical diagnosis can be ensured by UL. This avoids incorrect processing structure. At the same time ensures that the needles hit the U.S. jurisdiction in the tendon. Clinical trials are not good for determining where in the tendon injury is. Palpation is not a safe diagnostic tool in this respect. Using UL is the investigator exactly the scene.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and western education in physical therapy, orthopedic medicine (OMI) and manual therapy. In Chinese medicine have been published many articles in which "pepring" of the scene is used as acupuncture. It is not known in most communities, when people first and foremost envisions acupuncture as a method in which one uses a more global approach with pins.

By combining this method with the U.S. so we can go in and find where the tendon injury is and treat accurately. By uses both classical acupuncture needles and thin injection needles in this treatment. The advantage of using an injection needle is that it is stiffer and can easily be inserted via eg the thick layer of skin over the plantar fascia. An acupuncture needle tends to bend. In addition, an injection needle a more potent "cutting effect" that creates a somewhat larger "trauma" and thus a larger internal bleeding in the tendon. The advantage of an acupuncture needle is that the treatment is less painful. However, as mentioned earlier in this section as acupuncture needle creates a minor injury and one must often deal with more frequently to achieve the desired effect.

It perform 2-6 treatments with 1-2 week intervals in the treatment of chronic tendinopathy. During treatment with injection needle he often waits two weeks between treatments, whereas with acupuncture needles then you can / should deal with weekly. Often, only a few treatments may be enough to achieve the desired stimulation of the body to begin regeneration of tendon injury.

As a manual therapist had to treat patients without local anesthetic. The local anesthetic gives the therapist the ability to process longer so that you get stimulated whole tendon injury on a treatment. Without anesthesia, the patient will often not hold the entire treatment, so this must be carried out in several stages. One way which aids this problem if you do not have access to physician collaboration that local anesthetic is to ask the patient to take oral analgesics before treatment. This will possibly make the patient more susceptible to treatment. But he adds that all in all patients tolerated the treatment well without oral or local analgesia.

Having used tenotomi / dry needling as a method for many years before he began using U.S. guidance, able to compare the effects before and after UL - guidance. UL gives me the opportunity to make precise the treatment, he said. It is not just "touch and feel" as it is able to before. Used the U.S. as a diagnostic and counseling tool in the clinic for over 3 years.

Ultrasound diagnostics in combination with acupuncture is an effective treatment for tendon pathology and bursitis. Typical treatment areas is lateral epicondylitis, supraspinatus tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis. But the method can be used on all tendinopathy and bursitis where the medical history, clinical tests and the U.S. together give you an answer about the structure that should be addressed. It emphasize that the U.S. alone is not an adequate tool to perform diagnostics. But with physiotherapy knowledge of testing, the group has everything it takes to be good at this method. Internationally, it was the often radiology, pediatric, radiographers and sonographer who used ultrasound abdomen and barren, but now holds it to be more focus on skeletal muscle. Especially rheumatology use ultrasound frequently to assess the extent and localization of inflammation. There is now an increasing number of physiotherapists, manual therapists, clinical orthopedic physical therapists and chiropractors who use ultrasound practice. And the group is growing. Encourage everyone with an interest in skeletal muscle injuries to use ultrasound guided Percutaneous pines Tenotomi / dry needling as a treatment option for bursitis and tendinopathy.

Association for Clinical Orthopedic Medicine organizes an annual anatomy, dissection and injection rate for physical therapists and doctors at the preparations. This is an excellent way to familiarize themselves with the technique and anatomy is required to use tenotomi as an effective management tool.

Ultrasound with how had tested the treatment of 14 different tendon pathology with ultrasound guided percutaneous needle tenotomi. Their hypothesis was that treatment was equally effective even if you do not inject cortisone for tenotomien. They got good results in his study, but since the study lacked blinding, large enough numbers and a control group, so the results should be tested in a larger study. The method was used to treat lateral epicondylitis. This study was of higher quality, but the method they used was tenotomi followed by injection of cortisone to control inflammation in the aftermath. The authors in this study even discussed the possibility of carrying out treatment without cortisone, and presented a hypothesis that it was mainly the needle damaging effect that initiated regeneration, and that cortisone had no active role. But you used when cortisone to control inflammation after treatment.

In light of recent studies on the effect of Association for Clinical Orthopedic Medicine and cortisone their possible negative effects on healing after injury, is unsure of the need for cortisone. If the method of tenotomi is designed to create a new acute inflammation so that repair processes locally in the tissue is at it again, why would you then to inhibit this effect by injecting cortisone? Some have argued that cortisone softens scar tissue, but remains more research.

Good Medical Schools

Good Medical Schools

Main Courses on Medical School is due to medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology) with 30 points, off basic medical training and nutrition therapy. In addition, school study in diet and nutrition (diet supervisor), preliminary course in anatomy and physiology, and start-up and operation for therapists ..

Teaching Methods
The school studies carried out either through online training, classroom sessions, or a combination thereof. Since the start of the school has been great emphasis on teaching through the Internet. There are many reasons, including that one can study when and where you want, you do not have expenses for travel and accommodation, you can study at their own pace, and last but not least, online teaching is environmentally friendly.

Some subjects, however, works best with a teacher present. Therefore, there will often voluntary or mandatory meetings in addition to teaching online. Many students also work together around the syllabus and assignments.

Online Teaching
In your school going learning and communication with teachers via the Internet. You can access your own password-protected online school, which will act as your "classroom" throughout the study period. There you will have access to articles, tutorials, lecture notes, assignments, discussions, repetitions, internet resources, video and so on.

As your student does one decide for yourself how and when to study and work so it is best for oneself. For that you should be able to get through the curriculum during the study period, follow a set progression, with regular mandatory submission tasks. This schedule is intended as a guide.
Good Medical Schools
If it should become necessary, have the opportunity to take time each topic, and may also extend the period of study (for a fee of 800, - for each semester). There may be restrictions in relation to the extension of studies where there is compulsory collection and / or studies that give credits.

All courses and programs are divided into different numbers of subjects (between 5 and 10). It is usually a written task (directed by the supervisor) and a quiz (corrected automatically) to each topic.

Medical School employs highly qualified tutors to their studies, such as doctors, nurses and other professionals. Teachers with different professional backgrounds contributes to different views on a topic, and is also useful and positive for a creative academic environment.

In studies that provide credit, there are prerequisites (general admission requirements or qualifications).

Cheat Pain

Cheat Pain

What is heartburn disease?

Chest fire caused by the stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) from the stomach (gastro) comes into the gullet (esophagus), that is, the acid moves opposite "direction of motion." The fact that gastric acid in this way flows "backwards" in the digestive tract, described in technical terms as reflux.

There are many names for this condition. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Gors) is the medical term for this disorder. Some just call it reflux disease. To make the condition easier to recognize, we have chosen to call it heartburn disease.

As mentioned, the condition causes heartburn (some say heartburn) and / or burning pain in upper abdomen or lower chest. Almost everyone has experienced heartburn, what's it take to call it a disease? Yes, the term disease means that reflux symptoms are so bothersome that they provide reduced quality of life and need for treatment.
Cheat Pain
In reflux disease there may be inflammatory changes in the lining of the lower esophagus (esophagitis), but the lining can also be completely normal on examination.

Fire Chest Disease occurs in 5-10% of the population. Mostly, of this is not visible inflammation of the esophagus.

Argan Oil Uses

Argan Oil Uses

Latin name: Argania spinosa.

Common names:
Argan argan oil , gold berbere.

Moisturizing, antioxidant, anti acne (acne traces), anti psoriasis, anti redness, anti aging, muscle relaxant, stabilizes cholesterol.

Suitable for:
Sunburn, skin irritations, psoriasis, dry skin, massage, premature skin aging, skin moisturizing, hair and nails brittle cholesterol.

The argan is one of the herbs and medicines and cosmetics are still little known. Only the almonds in fruits of the tree are used for making oil. The argan tree is a native of Morocco and has been used for centuries by women in the kitchen as Berbers (kernels are roasted before pressing) in cosmetics (amandon cold pressed without roasting).

Argan oil is rich in vitamins and unsaponifiables.

Cosmetics: Oil cosmetic, non-roasted almonds.

It is also rich in essential fatty acid's omega-6; it is very useful thanks to its anti-oxidants to fight against dry skin, slows skin aging, and improves hydration. It is used in massage, for the problems of dry hair and fragile to brittle nails or split.
Argan Oil Uses
Kitchen: Edible oil, roasted almonds.

Its high oleic acid content makes this oil, particularly interesting in the regulation of blood cholesterol. Some studies are underway, and it appears that two tablespoons a day of argan oil food for a month could significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

The negative point about argan oil is that the plant does not contain alpha-linolenic acid. This EGM is as important as others and should be part of the diet. Argan oil cannot be the only oil in your kitchen. It is important to rely on rapeseed oil and / or soybean oil for this acid.



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