Positioning of the Patient

Lateral Decubitus

The patient is placed on their side. For purposes of this program, this position means that the patient's torso and legs straight without turning their shoulders or pelvis. their head is supported by a pillow or similar device on the head and neck straight and in line with the long axis of their backs, without lateral deviation. In most cases, after examination of a limb or area to be in this position to be superior. Other specific location of the lower limbs should be activated when the patient (see, eg, multifidus, etc.).


The patient was lying face down on the examining table. If necessary the head and neck in a neutral position, the upper shoulders and neck pillow to your face, so it will not come down on
the examining table. Feet should be positioned so that they are slightly raised or extended from the end of the rotation table leg or unnecessary activation of leg muscles as well.


The patient was lying face up on the examining table.

A variant is the supine lithotomy position. This will be discussed separately in the pelvic floor muscles and a chapter on them.

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