Stomach stapling

Stomach Reduction: The last resort?

Better than the weight is the Body Mass Index (BMI) information on the extent of over-or underweight. Normal-weight adults aged 20 years and should keep their BMI 20 to 25 A BMI over 25 means overweight and health should be reduced to love.

Person to whom the common way (diet and exercise) appears to slow or too cumbersome, has the opportunity, medical assistance in the form of Fettleibigkeitschirurgie to take advantage. These include stomach stapling using adjustable gastric banding, the stomach balloon and the Mac Lean methods. Purpose of all operations is to achieve a more rapid sense of fullness, and thus take less food to a rapid or long-term to achieve in any case, safe weight loss. These operations are performed in stand by or under general anesthesia and can sometimes even be made already an outpatient basis.

The adjustable gastric band is one of the most popular on the other hand, the long term, the least satisfactory method because the patients it is scarcely possible to permanently maintain their goal weight. Although many patients who have their gastric band for years, but there can be other programs that remove it and replace it with another surgery. The reasons are many digestive problems. The possible complications include leakage of the gastric band, slipping, if eaten too much, or frequent vomiting.

The gastric balloon , the Act as non-surgical procedure described is "often because the process is so minimally invasive, is a good alternative to gastric band, if rapid weight reduction to be achieved. One can imagine the insertion of the gastric balloon described very simplified so that the balloon that is inserted through the esophagus, "swallowed" is. The stomach balloon is used at unusually high BMI over 40 and also in type II diabetes, to determine what further treatment measures for patients are most appropriate. Both procedures can quickly lead to a safe weight loss.

To achieve a long-term weight loss, one applies the method of MacLean. Here, a small part of the stomach is divided with a bracket and the reduction of gastric output. On the one hand is taken by less food, they also remain longer in the stomach in order to perpetuate the feeling of fullness longer. This method is the most gentle and also completely maintenance free.

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