Cancer cells love sugar

Cancer researcher Dr. Johannes F. Coy summarizes his work in ways that can be selectively reduced by an appropriate diet the dangers of cancer.

The primary result is so frightening as banal as: Cancer cells love sugar.

This did "we" of course before, but Dr. Coy was probably a gene within the cancer cells, which acts as a motor in it and in the first place due to the activation of these, generating energy from sugar.

The consequences of each should be known. Metastasis by resistance occurs even against traditional methods of fighting cancer, such as radiation treatment.

Thus, foods that affect these cancer-development positive, even everyday products such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. The only way to counter this is a consistent anti-cancer diet.

The basic intention, which is sought by that is, a reduction in blood glucose and therefore insulin secretion. Thus, the natural fat-burning of the entire body is strengthened, which in turn protect against this cancer. In this context, given Dr. Coy put two important advice to their attention, according to his knowledge, the basic building block towards the fight against cancer.

So shall first be dispensed with any kind of finished products. Such products have been robbed in the manufacturing process of their common elements which are missing from the body and then a negative development is promoted.

Furthermore, one is acidification of the body to absolutely avoid. This can best be made ​​through the consumption of food on which the effect of acidification have on the body.

Examples of such products are butter milk and foods containing citrate. Only then can one's body effectively in the fight against cancer through nutrition support.

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