Black Seed Oil - Al Baraka Habet

Today I received the following advice a newsletter reader:

It is some time to myself zubedanken you for the many details!

My tip: For strengthening the immune system:

In Arabic is called the small scharz Koerner: Habbet Al Barrak

In English: the black Cuminseeds

A pinch a day mixed with honey, or

A tea with fresh ginger + Black seeds

one comes backed by outstanding through the winter, or rather through the whole year!

It is sad that one over in Germany, so this little "miracle beads" do!

I had to reconsider what it is in German ...

Black seed oil!

And indeed, the finest in Egypt, namely, has the highest potency.

Also recommended for lung disease, asthma and skin inflammations.

Mohammed would say:

"In the black seed, there is cure for every disease except death."

It is interesting the way that all great religious leaders (Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus) have given detailed instructions to guide health ...

But for perhaps another time ...

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