Homeopathy Rules: Peppermint - Coffee - camphor

A very common question of patients with homeopathy is somewhat involved, etc. if you must drink coffee.

To this end I received also the following question from a reader:

I'm always unsure if Schuessler salts the same "rules" apply in the case of homeopathic globules as: Can you also do not use toothpaste with menthol here mint tea drink any or no chewing gum, etc.?

Apparently, however, that on a salt I've read that you should drink peppermint tea by the way / can. Harm also a nice cup of espresso or caffeine should be left off completely? Thank you for your help.

The question is difficult, yet light.

Yes, a cup of espresso or mint tea can cancel the effect of homeopathic remedies.

Camphor removes almost all the funds as menthol.

So no Fishermen's Friend, etc. during a homeopathic therapy.

We come to the coffee.

A personal experience of this:

For years I had a "small" homeopathic remedy for hay fever taken.

drinking coffee, the effect was not affected. One year, the pills do not seem to work and I wondered whether the agent has changed.

In a short repertory I got the same result. Then I realized that the coffee had to be there - and so it proved.

I recommend all patients general coffee, peppermint, camphor and menthol to avoid - then you are on the "safe" side.

Incidentally, black tea is possible - the shows only very rarely a so-called anti-doping.

Updated 17 March 2010:

Again, a personal experience and observation: coffee appears at about 35% of patients antidote to the means. This is a personal experience I have observed in patients. Prerequisite:

1. The agent is, in my opinion certainly fits
2. The patient usually takes no medications
3. There are no other "blocks" before.

For camphor and peppermint I can not specify a number, because I recommend all patients to avoid these funds.

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