Breast cancer on prescription?

Does your Gynecologist and breast cancer on prescription?

Women who receive prescribed by your doctor, hormone replacement therapy, live dangerously:

56% are at higher risk of fatal stroke suspended ...

40 to 100% more often affected by breast cancer - from a treatment period of 1 year ...

58% after 6 months have a higher ovarian cancer risk ...
after only 1 year of taking the risk of heart attack increases by as much as 81%! ...

Do you know that there is since 2003 an order from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices to keep the duration of treatment with estrogen-progestin combinations as short as possible?

For 4 years so there is a clear statement of supreme authority: short and only in exceptional cases to a dangerous method of treatment to take effect.

And you know what my wife 80% of all doctors: The side effects are not so bad, and there are many prescription drugs too little hormone. On such an ignorance, there is only one answer:

Not still suffer - but the question out loud hormones are no magic pills, but killer!

A myth that menopausal women had a disease that:

The watering can like use of hormones to treat women in menopause is heavily criticized for 5 years. When does your gynecologist has warned the last time before hormone replacement therapy?

Or is the doctor of your well at that incorrigible species that persistently refuses to accept and implement clear scientific evidence in his practice.

Treatment guidelines may have been changed, but they are not implemented. And you are there, paid for with your health and even your life for it. I exaggerate? Well, then take it for what numbers have been known since 2002:

Hormone replacement therapy makes women sick!

2002 planned as a long-term study had to study more than 160,000 women in the WHI (Women's Health Initiative) to hormonal therapy to be stopped after only 5 years.

The reasons:

The breast cancer risk increased by 40%.
Heart attacks and strokes increased by 30%.
Of thrombosis and embolism risk increased by 100%.
What do Doctors say? Some 43% believe that currently receive too few women hormones!
Almost all gynecologists are of the opinion that hormones improve the quality of life of women, although really there is no evidence.

The real reason?

More than 16 million women over 50 years alone are simply a huge market!

Because everyone wants a leaf out of - especially the pharmaceutical industry.

So pseudo-studies to be commissioned, which have only one aim: to unsettle sustained as a woman. The surgery will be flooded with the free "patient information ˝ almost.

For insecure and anxious patients are simply better customers: ˝ If you are to impress easier to convince to run faster and simpler. " Fear the power structure!

Hormones as a cure, only a misconception. In the knowledge on the subject of women and their health gape further, serious gaps:

In surgery, 80% of appendectomies in young women be made without medical reason.

It is still unclear why so many more women than men suffer from rheumatism.

It is not well understood why women suffer more frequently from depression.

It would be important to know how the brain affects women differently structured to disorder of the brain. Why do women have smaller brains, but a better memory? Men of 20 Age of forgetful, women until their mid 50th

There is increasing evidence that drugs for heart and circulatory disease in men positive for women but can affect negatively - to the death!

There are no findings as to why more women are admitted to the psychiatric hospitals and are twice as likely sedated with drugs.

The largest part of the uterus operations take place without any real medical indication.

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