Meditating well done as one solution to overcoming depression.
For those who have never tried to meditate you will only understand it through practice.

By meditating, we'll be relaxed, relaxed, not tense. Scientifically when we are tense or depressed brain will produce hormones that cause a calming effect to the body.

High levels of depression suppress the brain's ability to produce these hormones. With meditation, the brain will gain strength and increase its natural ability to produce this hormone. Even meditation is "aware" for some time to provide long-term positive effects for healthy brain and immune system.

Meditate regularly and consistently enhance one's ability to cope with depression. Not just physical, soul becomes healthy with our meditation.

Many views are wrong about meditation as an exercise for a particular religion or belief. In fact meditation actually helps the human spiritual intelligence, regardless of any belief that dianutnya.

Meditation increases the ability to concentrate. Culminate in a calm and peaceful feeling. The art of meditation have been developed in many places over long periods of time. Study the arts and enhance your natural ability to defend against depression.

How to start meditating?

Sit back, relax all parts of the body and relax the mind as well. We're not talking about the meditation again. We just sit with the body and mind relaxed, the same as when we finish a tough job. We work hard, tired, and we rest our body relaxes.

No need to think anything. No need to trouble yourself with thinking about everything for a few moments when we "rest" Realize that we are being relaxed for some time. After a while we will realize that we're relaxed while we relaxed, we control our mind. Easy is not it?

That is meditation relaxation. Do it within a period not too long before. If you do it regularly you will develop skills. Remember to always be conscious, because attention is the key to meditate. Remind yourself not to think anything for some time. And you will relax your mind.
It could also complement uses such as aroma therapy or soft music. Do it every day and observe the changes yourself.

Relaxation Meditation is so easy to do, we just relax our bodies and minds. But meditation relaxation have one difficulty.

Because it is so easily done, meditation relaxation becomes so difficult to do. Why? because we do not believe it. Our brains get used to analyze various things. We are always connecting with something outside of meditation our habits:). Our thinking about meditation so handcuff our thinking. We got to thinking, what we really have to meditate? why is it so easy? even then will culminate in mind, that by not thinking anything meaningful meditation and think something is not meditate absolutely not so. In the last review I said that all meditation is the key concern. Let's look at other techniques and as easily

For those who love reading and meditation techniques certainly try out with the breath technique. For those who have not here it is technique.

Sit straight with your back straight. Relax all parts of the body. Relax your mind as well. You can close your eyes if you want. If not, look at one point in front of you during meditation. Notice your breath. Notice when breathed. Notice when breathing out. Do not deliberately set breath. Just look at interesting or out of breath.

Do not think of anything other than your breath. You also may note in the liver. While breathing in, note the liver. When breathing out, notes in his heart. Next time your mind distracted, switch back to pay attention to breathing.

Do not be disappointed or angry because the mind distracted. It has become the basic nature of human thought to always think of something.

Just keep breathing until you end the session that day. After a while, you will feel the serenity in the hearts and minds. What happened?

When we direct the attention of mind on the breath. Brain concentrate attention on only one thing we do, that is breathing. For a while, you just breathe (think of breathing).
Because only think of one thing only, making the intensity of concentration which is so big brains. Concentrations of developing attention. Attention develop calmness. Tranquility develop policies, including the sense of joy. Fun generate happiness.

In meditation there is no specific thing that must dipersiapan. Of course if there are things that can help us in the concentrate will be fun for us to start the session today. It's all possible.

But the problem is that not everyone has the same reception for one thing. There is no guarantee to say that doing one thing will always work for everyone. Even be different for the same person on different days. Perhaps you yourself have experienced it.

For example, you may experience heavy pressure in the office today. When you go home and do the meditation sessions for the day, you feel calm and have a strong motivation to solve your problems. The next day at the office you receive praise from superiors and colleagues. Everything looks beautiful you are so happy that day. You are so cheap smile and laugh a lot.

When you start a meditation session that day you find you are so hard to concentrate. You always remember your boss and co-workers compliment. You feel that promotions stay at the office just counting the days.

Why? I give the illustrations.

Imagine that the mind is like a little kid 5 years old, He is so obedient, to follow whatever you say. But when he ran with a merrily, laughing happily he started not listening to you. He kept running and laughing, you are then you come running after him, caught him and then sat. When sitting he then tried to run again, and you have to chase anymore.

Such is the nature of the mind. Because that's important for you to pay attention to the mind and tried to relax the mind. Convince yourself for not thinking anything "just" for some time in the session that day. Only by regularly do it, you'll understand what I mean.

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