Against the women's main problem area: A Thigh

A thigh lift is performed in the medical field of aesthetic plastic surgery. There are three main reasons for a surgical procedure: a flabby tissue in the context of the natural aging of the skin, remains a loose tissue as a cause of insufficient recovery of the skin and the third a collection of fatty tissue on the outside of the thigh (the so-called riding trousers ).

During surgery, the streamlining is by removing the excess skin and is also in the case of existing saddlebags along with a simultaneous reduction of adipose tissue by a Liposektion ( liposuction ).

The procedure is performed on the basis of the size of the area being operated on under general anesthesia, takes about two to three hours and involves several days of hospitalization. First, an oval section, similar to the shape of a crescent moon, made at the inner side of the thigh. The excess skin is removed. Before suturing the wound, a drainage tube is placed in the wound. This has the purpose of the liquid of the wound, and blood derived. After insertion of the drainage, the wound is so stitched that the scar between the thigh and the perineum region is. This ensures that it is barely visible later.

The rider pants at the outer thigh is treated by liposuction. In this case, are usually placed in small incisions millimeters in size in the skin and the fat removed using a special suction tube.

The thigh is given a compression bandage, which must remain for several weeks. A regular medical examination of the wound here is essential. The drainage is removed after a few days.

Possible side effects are disturbances of wound healing in question, as well as bleeding and ulcers. So might result in numbness, and wound infections. An uncomplicated wound healing an extensive conservation of the thigh is important. Too much stress can lead to tearing of the wound edges.

The operation is as pure Cosmetic Surgery and is not usually funded by health insurance.

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