The allergy season begins

Hardly Lent is over, the allergy season begins.

In principle, it is every year the same thing.

Until a few weeks it was pollen allergy sufferers breathe calm in the truest sense of the word, because the snowy weather prevented the pollen. But now the spring flowers begin to distribute their pollen in the air: a runny nose, burning eyes and the neck begins to scrape.

An allergy is noted on itchy or moist places, swollen mouth or nasal mucous membranes, skin patches, snuff-like symptoms, sneezing and swollen lips. There are also other symptoms such as stomach and intestinal problems at a food allergy , asthma or circulatory problems in question.

The complaints often use immediately after contact with the allergen, but occasionally it may be that only a few days go by.

I keep seeing patients who are apparently particularly susceptible to allergies. Such people have, for example, in her youth a pollen allergy, suffering from asthma and then develop later also other food allergies .

Sometimes it also happens that another related or similar allergies to cross. Who is affected by a birch pollen allergy can not eat any nuts or apples. Here we speak of a cross-allergy . I can still remember that 10 years ago almost no one knew anything of my patients with food allergies. It is generally advised for a suspected allergy to have carried out an allergy test. About the reliability of such tests, I am now writing once nothing more - I would have to first look for the sources and studies. More about the skin tests: allergy skin test - testing What it?

In an acute emergency, you may rely on proven anti-histamines and steroids. In chronic cases, like the desensitization set, as the Dauermedikamentation with antihistamines.

Long story - short: for almost all forms of allergy I think fasting for an excellent cure. I myself was after about one and a half years my hay fever cure with three Fasting: though I had already suffered since the age of 15 under and I had taken a number of antihistamines.

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