Connective tissue disorder - orange skin and cellulite

By a healthy and tight connective tissue remains your body slim fit

The concepts of connective tissue disorder, cellulite and cellulite are lumped in idea from which everyone seems to operate as desired by: cosmetic industry, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, gyms and even medical practitioners. Time for some plain speaking.

Increased wrinkles and cellulite in women - that is the connecting what most people with a connective tissue disorder, cellulite or orange peel.

Less well known is that, for example, a hernia in men, disc problems, joint problems and back problems are also related with this problem.

A weak connective tissue can play with all these "problems" a certain role. The good news: you can do something about it.

First, I consider it necessary, however, the concepts of connective tissue - cellulite - cellulite and orange peel apart.

First, we should concern ourselves with the connective tissue. The other terms are then almost automatically

What is the connective tissue?

The connective tissue is made up of cells and intercellular substances, which may be liquid, semisolid or solid.

To understand the meaning, you ask yourself the following:

You know you have a stomach, an intestine, liver, heart, kidneys, muscles, bones, tendons, nerves, etc.

Have you ever wondered how these "things" fixed "in your body are?

Probably not. Our organs and muscles are not simply in water or the like around the body. All our organs are surrounded by a matrix of connective tissue cells that support our bodies and keep.

This intermediate cell-embedded tissue, the individual organs in the environment on by it they divided and wrapped. The connective tissue in an adult weighs about 12 kilograms. This binding Encoder gives our body shape and ultimately stop.

A key aspect is the following:

You probably also know that her body must be supplied with nutrients and that these nutrients must be transported by the bloodstream. Similarly, the metabolic end products of the cells are again taken away.

Now comes the "problem" connective tissue into play:

The blood vessels will not extend into the cell. The blood vessels (capillaries) take place in the finest veins by connective tissue. There, "to wander" (= diffuse) to the cell and then the nutrients are absorbed by it. Waste products of the cell (which are generally referred to as "slag"), to walk back again. In this case, one would of " purification speak. I am sure you have heard this term before.

The problem is in any case that does not "walk back" many of these waste products, but in the connective tissue located just stay!

In the picture below you see an image of a tissue section. The elongate connective tissue cells (including connective tissue) are the black "lines". The dark blue "dots" are mast cells.

If you are interested in the topic in more detail, you should also list the item for Pischinger room read. Dr. Pischinger has described this phenomenon in detail.

Why it comes to cellulite

If these "waste" is no longer removed from the connective tissue, can make the cellulite wide. Such, there are these ugly bumps in the skin.

Therefore, the state of our connective tissue is crucial for our figure. Each has a strong overweight has become a more or less weak or weakened connective tissue.

About the connective tissue nutrients are delivered to our cells and metabolic waste products away.

The problem of our time is the extreme burden on our connective tissue due to poor diet and physical inactivity.

The result: We age faster and are more susceptible to a greater number of chronic diseases. There are also the harmful environmental effects caused by pollutants and oxidation.

I know that these considerations are for the vast majority of doctors no hearing. Also in the textbooks of physiology or, for example dermatology find the cellulite is not described.

What many do not know: in the connective tissue are also special cells (leukocytes), to provide defense against pathogens that is. This means that our defenses (immune system) depends also on the connective tissue.

Cellulitis? Inflammation?

Now would be an opportunity to introduce the concept of cellulite. Cellulitis yes on end-itis, which means in medicine, almost always a kind of inflammation. Even if it uses the cellulite and cellulite is the same.

In fact an inflammatory cellulitis, a type of erysipelas, which is associated with a bacterial infection. The cosmetics industry and other providers comes this "similarity" is an opportunity, because cellulite really sounds to disease.

I think that's why the concept of cellulitis in the German language is wrong.

Why all women affected by cellulite are still special part of the connective tissue is the subcutaneous connective tissue in the upper arm, thigh and buttocks, depending on the constitution changes unattractive women can bring their A: Cellulite, also known as orange peel.

Cellulite and orange skin refer to the same phenomenon. Cellulite sounds (as well as cellulite) to only some medicines.

In women, the subcutaneous tissue a different structure than in men. The fat cells and collagen fibers in the subcutaneous tissue in men are woven together like a net. In women, these fibers are parallel to each other. The visible problem in women: growing fat cells squeeze between the collagen fibers through the skin surface. A kind of "knobby structure" emerges: the orange skin.

How to identify cellulite

Will we see the orange skin in the early stages, you have to push them together to the supposed sites of the skin with both hands.

In the advanced stage you can see the already visible "dents" when the light falls mainly on the side to the skin area. (Example: walk in) Even under tension of the muscles, the cellulite becomes visible.

Unmistakably the dings are then in the third stage.

What helps connective tissue and cellulite?

In every magazine there are creams, appliances and the like to eliminate, to a promise to the problems. Unfortunately, most agents are ineffective.

Also, diets and diet pills are advertised in rows, which I strongly advise against, however. Read more about this in my articles about: Weight Loss and dieting .

A last chance to see women in particular in a cosmetic operation . The most common procedure is liposuction - known "as a vacuum grease . Problem of this method is that of the range is significantly reduced, but the problem remains of the orange skin and connective tissue. Therefore, one is usually still Thigh or tummy tuck in the affected area is necessary.

Given the risks of surgery, I advise to those measures decreasing. Above all, nothing changes in the causes that led to your problem really.

A sport that is on the affected muscle groups always healthier and more effective. This brings us to the solutions that I can recommend, for example:

The 3-pronged program to connective tissue and cellulite by Dr. Müller Wohlfarth

The well-known Munich sports physicians and scientists, Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt has developed its own therapy to strengthen and rejuvenate the connective tissue that can support I just.

Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt emphasizes that we can influence this subcutaneous connective tissue, so that young and healthy. And I think all this is logical.

The first column against the connective tissue is regular exercise. To strengthen the connective tissue are best suited to the endurance sports. It is important that all muscles are uniformly be charged. The training must be at least 30 minutes and should be repeated 3 times a week. The ideal sports for the connective tissue are swimming, water aerobics, cycling and jogging. However, steppers and cross trainers in gyms are good. The advantage is that you can train in the gym will also target the specific muscle groups to strengthen equipment.

The second pillar is the healthy diet. Very positive affects the connective tissue of a sugar, fat and salt diet on which is rich in protein. Coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Very helpful for connective tissue, are rich in fruits and vegetables, with plenty of vitamin C: potatoes, citrus fruits, cabbage, peppers. Very important are herbs and spices such as basil, chilli, curry, coriander, rosemary and sage. You see, it boils down to a healthy diet also.

For the connective tissue, one should also take adequate fluids: water, diluted fruit juices, herbal teas or green tea. The whole is above all a basic diet that is against the acidity works! An excellent " retuning "can also be reached with fasting , when this is done correctly. How to do that I have described here .

The third pillar of the program by Dr. Müller-Wohlfarth, the Pro-collagen therapy. He recommends, as a dietary supplement , the amino acids lysine , proline , methionine and arginine and vitamin C and the trace element zinc on. This is the subcutaneous connective tissues become firmer and firmer. Due to the higher proportion of collagen, it will also stay longer young.

The Pro-collagen therapy, take the form of capsules in which one pharmacy under the name "Pro Collagen Plus according to Müller-Wohlfarth," in order, each.

The uptake of amino acids (combined with vitamin C and zinc) provides the connective tissue structure important food for regeneration and renewal will be accomplished more effectively. Amino acids are protein building blocks. Every animal, every plant has a characteristic pattern of amino acids. 8 amino acids are essential for humans, meaning they can not be synthesized and must be supplied with food.

Do you expect any miracles, just because you take the Kapslen! One thing that is important: sport and exercise (regular exercise) are essential for the reduction and regeneration of connective tissue, and weight reduction. Otherwise take the capsules is nothing and you can save the money rather equal.

As you see, connective tissue disorder depends on the theme topic of health with the components of healthy nutrition and exercise.

However: significant weight reductions should be avoided because that can reinforce the cellulite yet. I recommend therefore of crash diets that leave finger.

Further action against cellulite

The cellulite can also oppose targeted if the circulation of the skin and lymph encouraged to be excited. These douches are Kneipp (short-cold, warm longer - not for varicose veins, then just cold), but also vigorous massage in circular movements with a Luffahandschuh or brush.

What is a connective tissue still promotes

What you should know yet, everything that causes circulation problems, also promotes cellulite: smoking, prolonged sitting, tight clothes, lack of exercise.

Another problem from the perspective of some environmental medicine are various heavy metals, especially lead and mercury. These heavy metals damage the collagen structure, so that the excretion of collagen degradation products in urine (C-and N-terminal telopeptides) can be increased.

Fasting: effective aid in the fight against cellulite, and connective tissue disorders

Earlier I had mentioned briefly: In the area of "food" you can solve the problem with fast start.

Fasting is no reason to as "Operation without a knife" does not, because it runs a full retuning your body into which most of the words: purify , detoxify and deacidify join. Fasting is therefore the cause of the problems in the connective tissue.

Even if you currently can not get used to the thought, but once you read what participants have written to me to fasting. The statements, see the description of the fasting instructions .

The specialty of the manual is compiled by me, among other things, that these various methods of medicine, naturopathy and alternative medicine involves the problem of the "connective tissue" and the mobilization of "slag" tackles.

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