Assessment Process : First impressions

Part of the evaluation will include some first impressions of what you know about the patient. If you feel that the development of this observation to develop. Creating a patient is added to this neighborhood. Spring House (2002) gives a list of memory - some of the teams - Key words to help patients through research

It is his vision and the body symmetrical? Is there swelling or body parts?

She looks her age? If not, why?

Mental focus:
When he wakes up, confused, restless, inattentive, or respond inappropriately? He is a depressed mood, happy, or tired?

It seemed that he was sick, pain, anxiety or upset?

This tends to waste, fat, overweight, or barrel-shaped me?

This is a common disease, or edema? This is a hot or cold hands and feet? This is her pale skin, well-perfused or blue (cyanotic) protection?

It is clean, but still a good ride, and? It is not appropriate or excessive wear and tear during the year? Is his skin condition, or symptoms such as rash, bruising, dry skin, or inflammation?

This is his posture, coordination, and normal? He can manipulate buttons or zippers and fingers managed to remove their shoes?

His voice is soft, clean, strong and straightforward, right? Does that sound like anxiety, stress, anxiety or confusion? This first informal research can provide a gentle footprint of the patient's health, and it is useful to reflect on later, if you think you become a patient, but is unable to determine what changes are.

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