Wrinkles on the face: face lift and face lift to help ...

A face lift, also known as a facelift, is a term in the field of plastic surgery. In a face-lift, excess skin and associated tissues removed surgically, and under general anesthesia. Reasons for an excess of tissue in the natural aging process of the skin are, also be caused due to a very strong or rapid weight loss in a diet. The goal of a facelift is a delicate facial structure and a more youthful appearance of the patient.

As part of the facelift, there are various methods of approach, depending on the texture of the skin and face and on the wishes of the person concerned.

An upper face lift tightens the tissue in the forehead. At the same time, the region embellished the temples, raised eyebrows and frown lines are removed. Modern endoscopic procedures are scarcely any visible scars, but are not ideal according to the position of the hairline and the scale of the operation. must then be used an open technique with a long scar in the hairline. In patients suffering only from slight horizontal creases on the forehead, offer themselves to modern injection methods by which only increased the tissue and placed on the form.

Heavy eye bags or wrinkles on the eyelids are corrected by blepharoplasty. Here, the excess skin and underlying fatty tissue are removed and modeled, so that the whole eye area looks larger and clearer. Modern techniques give up a scalpel cut, but use special radio waves. In patients with less severe bags under the eyes can be completely dispensed with a skin incision. In these cases is made on the back of the lid to lift.

In a cheek lift not only the skin is tightened, but was also the deeper muscle tissue in beautifying a position so that the result more natural.

During an operation may streamlining several areas of the face to a full facelift can be combined. This has the advantage that the attacks may be coordinated.

Risks, such as numbness and movement disorders are due to modern and more precise techniques to exclude almost. A good treatment should nevertheless not be underestimated. As a result, bruising, scarring, poor healing and infection are more rapidly cleared or avoided so that the patient after 2-3 weeks is socially acceptable again.

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