Homeopathy and Spagyric - quackery and effect not in use?

Today a reader asks me my fasting instructions:

"What they say about opinions of established media and physicians, the Spagyrik was ineffective quackery and its effect is not proven? probably is a similar level as that of the loose approach refuted in Appendix 1 nutritionist? And what does it work? Own experience, studies, the feeling? "

Answer: The dispute over the homeopathy or Spagyrik is indeed long and wide. There are studies proving their effectiveness, refute, meta-studies that evaluate the studies, etc., etc.

In almost all studies, mistakes are made.

Main error is to Popper (definition of scientific criteria) are:

The impartiality of the observer.

And fail most of the studies - in particular, and particularly in medicine.

In quantum physics this is the way Phämomen known - depending on which output is expected from the experiment occurs, the corresponding one ...

brought if in comparing the Borsche atom model is used (which has long been disproved) and the whole to the level of "drop in the ocean" is, I have to smile always, because at the molecular level can not homeopathy work and with their theory, the effect can not be explained .

Well, so we can see that something works, we do not need a theoretical model. If the farmers had waited until science explains why the wheat is growing - we were all starved to death already.

And in fact - I refer my opinion, especially from their own observations:

I see absolutely stunning effects in infants, which can definitely imagine anything - then there must be something other than a placebo effect.

I have infants treated with various diseases to manifest pneumonia - only with classical homeopathy and far more extraordinary views.

The dispute ended my "opinion" certainly not - but I'm the reader, at least not reply guilty ...

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