Black radish against acidity?

Most people in our modern society are more or less strongly acidifies - even if the reflected yet in severe diseases such as rheumatism, gout or indigestion.

This is because our modern life acidifying by many factors and food and beverages intended: unpleasant stress (distress), electromagnetic, coffee, alcohol, drugs and candy are all things that would be associated with a "acidity".

Oh yes - before once again a comment is as follows: "acidity does not exist" - please read again my article of " acidity - What you should know absolutely . "

What, then acidification to do with black radish?

So calm, meditation, a walk after a rain or even base-forming foods such as most (especially sharp or bitter tasting), vegetables, herbs or teas (often enjoyed in too small quantities), the many acidifying influences balance not often .

Here is an early semi-often and unfortunately in the last decades, too often neglected, winter vegetables into play: the black radish, and black winter radish (Raphanus sativus var niger) called. The round tuber has a rough exterior of white shell and black from the inside.

At first glance one might confuse the black radish with Roote beds. The black radish is a good base-formers, and should in my opinion, more are on the menu.

Black radish is also present in tablet or juice form. But why forego the re-discovery of this rare vegetables on the plate?

Also contribute to the freshly consumed black radish mustard oil glycosides also included among others, the local antiseptic and expectorant.

Hildegard von Bingen already pointed to the effect of black radish for coughs and "blood cleansing" through.

He also is a diuretic, gall-forming and (by the essential oils) act digestion - reason enough to bring it in recent years rediscovered vegetables not only because of the spicy taste more often to sit on the menu.

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