Currently aura therapy has become part of the lifestyle of people who want to succeed in all areas. There are many side offers aura therapy. Various terms are used, there is a call to open an aura, an aura surgery, the generation of aura GHOIB, Ruwatan, ruqyah, etc.. Some seem very modern, some are intentionally directing an aura therapy as a matter of profound mystical unseen. Maybe you are so confused to choose which is good and right.

As a guideline, here are some points you need to understand and pay attention to choose the right aura therapy:

1. Aura is not a mystical phenomena. Aura is a medical problem of psychological, chemical, and ordinary physics can be studied scientifically. Detection of Aura Science is also not much different from other medical analysis tools, such as X-ray and ultrasound photos. It has been proved by Prof.. R. Kirlian from Russia in 1935. In the countries of Eastern Europe and China, Aura therapy since the 1970s has been widely used by doctors at the Medical Hospital to treat patients with psychological symptoms, surgery assistance, and also to reduce the side effects of
chemical drugs, especially cancer drug. In America, Aura Science has also been studied in depth. S. Karagulla, MD in the 60s has been found and write a scientific review of "energy fields around people."

2. The term Generation Open Aura or Aura that is often echoed by the paranormal, actually less precise. Every human being (and all his creatures) have an energy field or aura around him since the beginning of creation. The proof of animals, plants, and a newborn who had never touched the hand paranormalpun already have an aura.

3. Because Aura is the energy field, then enlightenment Aura you can actually do yourself. Every religion has been taught how. Worship is good and can really brighten the aura. Muslims perform dhikr, fasting, and charity and avoid the forbidden foods. Catholics often make such a special Prayer Novena plus a retreat and seclusion. Hindus and Buddhists recognize the term meditation. All of these actually is in order to send positive energy to the Creator and all creatures. There are good books on this positive energy. You can look it up in the Best Seller Gramedia bookstore (sorry I'm not a promotion. I am not a seller of the book, my readers who are satisfied just to listen to its contents).

4. If you feel you've run all the effort but ran out of power, it means not getting improved quality of life, means something is not right within yourself. Imagine your body as a cell phone. You need a good signal for sms and calls you may receive another phone, right? If your phone's battery is weak and intermittent signal, then you need a service person took it to HP. Well, that's when you undergo therapy aura.

5. The process of the correct aura therapy, is to cleanse and strengthen the energy nodes that affect the aura. Nodes of the body in some literature and culture is often referred to as chakras, the point latif, etc.. Aura therapy functions is as a battery charger as well as your antenna signal booster devices.

6. In the face of the therapist / healer aura, ask him about what is aura. The basics and background does the therapeutic process. Apabil answer is nonsense, leave it out. For what is claimed to come to an "expert" but could not explain the field that they do. Obviously the results of inappropriate therapy is doubtful.

7. Most therapists specialize only do one of two methods of therapy, so the results are less than the maximum and not permanent. Instead, look for the aura therapy that offers a complete package, modern, rational, natural and not infringe the rules of religion.

Congratulations brighten your aura and achieve success!

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