Red Ginger as a Health Alternative Medicine

Red ginger (Zingiber officinale Roxb rubra var ..) Or officinale Roscoe Zingiberaceae Zingiberaceae officinale Rose or seasonal herbs, erect, 40-50 cm high. Pseudo clear, grooved, forming rhizome color, green. Some lanceolate leaf shape, the walls, showing the tip, obtuse base, dark green color. Compound interest, in a form close to grain type, pointed, 3.5 - 5 cm long, 1.5 - 2 cm wide, funnel-shaped wreath of flowers, 2 to 2.5 cm long, purple. fruit box, oval, brown.

Most literature written in red ginger mixed with white ginger (elephant ginger) and yellow ginger (ginger is usually used for cooking). It is not surprising considering the three types of ginger has almost the same Latin name and began officinale Zingiberaceae. In addition, three kinds of ginger with a similar content but with different concentrations.

The effectiveness of red ginger

As part of traditional medicine, ginger was red chosen because it feels bitter and spicy ginger is higher than any other type of course add even more advantages than other types of ginger. That is why it should be used as pharmaceutical ingredients and herbs.

Red ginger rhizome smaller size compared with other forms of ginger, red, and contain a high volatile oil consists zingeberin, camphene, lemonin, zingiberene, zingiberal, gingerale and shogool. Other Gynaecology, particularly oil, violin, carbohydrates, organic acids, malic acid and aksolat gingerin.

Red Ginger is known in the force as a laxative, antirheumatic, and bullets in the air. Benefits are generally warm, improve appetite, sweating bullets, as well as preventing and treating colds. Because of this influence people quickly feel fitter and a peak of sexual arousal immediately aka makantar-Kantar.

In addition, be beneficial to bone (bronchitis), back pain, impotence, increase stamina and overcome, alleviate asthma, to treat headaches, muscle, premature ejaculation, and almonds.

Red Ginger is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said that he is very supportive of treatment of stomach and spleen, and kidneys (particularly in men, and classified as an aphrodisiac / stimulant substances, and the best treatment for impotence)

In Arabic medicine, ginger is said second stage Red Hot and humid in the degree of unity. He is warm and soften the effect of the abdomen, is also beneficial for the body digestive problems such as bloating, food, and constipation.

Red Ginger an important function in the world of Western medicine & Oriental medicine in the world (China, Japan and India) can be used and no-one else or as an element in the treatment of herbal mixtures and used as a medicinal medication "against the adverse effects of other plants. This is evident in a recent study that the content of this particular red ginger can help others get better treatment and be absorbed in the body.

Although the red ginger is studied in the treatment of asthma, according to DR. Bert Suwijiyo fitofarmaka expert at the University of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, "... the possibility of warmth, because of volatile oil content causes a feeling of relief for people with asthma."

"In fact, red ginger splasmolitika Bronko substances (oil, dust inhalation). Another possibility, in fact, ginger, antihistamines that cause asthma decreased," said the doctor at the University of phytochemicals Toulose, France.

But for you people with asthma and ulcers, you should avoid using red ginger. "Because gingerolnya can heat and irritation of the stomach," says lecturer Faculty of Pharmacy UGM.

Some properties of cured red ginger is mentioned on various web sites:

Migraine headaches, dizziness, blood circulation, improves digestion, flatulence break, arthritic and rheumatic pains, colds and flu.

Some properties of red ginger is yet to be proven, because it was too large:

Natural Viagra stimulates the release of breast milk, encourage the production of lymph, maintains immunity, prevention of infertility and to strengthen the resilience of seeds. Farnesal element in this race is also capable of the aging process occurs, because it stimulates skin cell regeneration.

So many of the efficiencies and benefits of these red ginger, so now many excellent products that extracts of red ginger, either in the form of instant powder (bags), water lemon, ginger syrup, candy and more. It's easy for you to consume directly, without bothering to grow yourself.

Caring for the health of our body is getting back to the destruction of natural ingredients and traditional. Hello, healthy life

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