Gastric balloon

The hunger advance the bolt: The gastric balloon

The operation of a gastric balloon is a part, in the field of obesity surgery and the other is in respect of which surgical or not in actual operation, but as a precursor.

Background for the operation is a massive obesity with crane unit relevance, it was by other methods, not reduce, for example, a diet, due to lack of stamina. The gastric balloon to assist with weight loss, in which he created an artificial sense of satiety.

The balloon is made of silicone and during endoscopy (mirroring) crossing the esophagus into the stomach. Advance will also take place a reflection of the stomach and the beginning of the duodenum in order to ensure that no damage to those regions are present. Once the stomach balloon in the stomach, it will be filled using a catheter with an average of half a liter of a sterile saline solution. Due to the volume thus achieved a strong sense of satiety is achieved, which is usually associated with a reduction in food intake. The balloon floats freely in the stomach and can not because of its size in the gut, enter the esophagus.

The surgery is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The entire process takes about half an hour.

The gastric balloon may remain for a maximum period of six months in the stomach. There is a risk that otherwise he will lose little by the saline, thereby relaxes and can slide into the intestinal tract, which is associated with the risk of intestinal obstruction. In addition, the balloon caused a stretching of the stomach wall, which can result in long-term point of a stomach ulcer.

In most cases, the balloon is used to refer to a subsequent gastric banding or to prepare a stomach bypass surgery. This can only be performed if the initial weight may be high, but not life-threatening for an operation under general anesthesia. With the gastric balloon, a first weight loss can be achieved in order to minimize the anesthetic risk of obesity actual surgical operation.

The cost of a gastric balloon will be taken only after a previous medical reports by health insurance. In case of rejection of application for transfer costs, there is the possibility to appeal.

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