Lupus and Menopause

Lupus and Menopause

Symptoms of Lupus / flare, and menopause. Women 42 years seems to be some of the symptoms of menopause. However, there may be a lupus flare (which hopefully is not. It been in remission 2 years). Just wondering if change the hormones that cause lupus symptoms, or if they are associated to menopause or perimenopause. about a months, has developed a sleep, waking up frequently, could not sleep the whole night, except for night sweats. Turning off the fatigue, in fact, doubled rheumotologist Provigil, It could make it through the day. So frustrated cause, but when at work do not have the energy to do anything at home. All piles up and gets overwhelming. Then have depression and anxiety.
Lupus and Menopause

Some other symptoms are: change of the head (more frequent and severe), muscle and joint pain, increased anxiety and loss of libido. Rheum also diagnosed me with fibromyalgia (which they understand is quite common in lupus patients) and irritable bowel syndrome. They also have hypothyroidism and were treated for depression and anxiety in two years (for depression improves).

Symptoms that you could be part of the transition / perimenopause - or could be lupus. Rheumy said with the aim of the hormonal fluctuations of perimenopause/menopause may increase lupus symptoms - as a result it can not be both. They see a gynecologist. They always do some hormonal lab and see what your body is doing in this department. We hope to see a gynecologist who is teary help some of these symptoms. Someone here has better ideas.

Just think that menopause and / or perimenopause, can cause symptoms similar to lupus. A mother had lupus, and her doctors are constantly trying to cause premature menopause with him, because he said, after menopause, lupus can go to the semi-permanent remission (and perhaps hormones have a lot to do in September lupus). They had not succeeded in inducing the transition to the mother, but it was certainly worth trying. Maybe you can ask your doctor about it.

They are similar to symptoms of a similar age. Following the investigation, both of Obstetrics and teary, and that most of the symptoms were controlled by a lupus treatment lupus symptoms were almost certainly cause / associated with.

When the emotional PMS (I have never had any PMS before), and unpredictable menstruation Gyno and still managed to find any obvious signs of the transition, even though he did not find any problems with Gyno, so stay due to lupus.

In any case, suggest that good research and rhuemy Gyno and it is a good idea. Lupus is a mess w / hormones that mess w / Gynecology things, and things Gyno is a mess w / hormones that mess w / lupus stuff, so it really should be tested for lupus and Gyno both corners.

Rhuemy prescribed Trazodone to help sleep may be very tired and sleep for hours, if they are still in deep, deep sleep, you can still tired. When a sleep aid, I really do not sleep less and am less tired.

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