Coordinator of Nursing

The coordinator is a professional nursing organization and material resources, both human ones, which coordinates, a business unit within a department or hospital, nursing all the figures.

Contributes to achieving organizational goals through a help function and stimulation of the members of his team, responds to the area coordinator and director of nursing. Collaborate in the drafting of guidelines, procedures and protocols. It combines professional management skills, leadership, and nursing skills.

The figure has become highly specialized with the Law February 17, 2006, No. 43. This law states that to become a nurse coordinator should have the following characteristics:

Master's degree in management for the coordination functions in the membership; at least three years experience in the membership profile. Is again recognized the valid certificate of competency to an executive position in nursing (courses for ex-nurse). Currently however, is not recognized the Master of Science in Nursing and Midwifery as the title to access the role.

Functions of the nursing coordinator
Guidelines (2001) provide training in the nursing coordinator for the acquisition of skills, as well as the promotion of lifelong learning and planning, even the direct management of training activities. The capacity to be developed include the identification of own training needs and those of his collaborators, the design and evaluation of training and testing the impact of training activities. The same Federation , in 2007, said that between the technical and professional skills that define the profile you are the Nurse Coordinator for the design, delivery and monitoring of training programs.

The nursing coordinator responds to the area coordinator and director of nursing.

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