Age of Early Menopause

Age of Early Menopause

The average age of onset of natural menopause is 51 years. However, for genetic reasons, medical or following a disease, it can occur before the age of 40. Menopause occurring before this age, whether induced or premature, is that "menopause Early ".

In addition to hot flashes, mood disorders and other symptoms after menopause normal, the prematurity of early menopause causes other problems of physical and emotional. For example, early menopause marks the end of the fertile period and it would be difficult to imagine a woman who wants to get pregnant.
Age of Early Menopause

Symptoms of early menopause.

Common symptoms of early menopause are:

Irregular periods more or less abundant than usual.
Hot flashes, which means that the ovaries produce less estrogen.
It may also meet during the early menopause:

Vaginal dryness.
Irritation of the bladder and urinary incontinence.
Emotional signs (irritation, mood swings and depression passing).
Signs of dehydration in the skin, eyes and mouth.
Libido disorders.
Finally, if you are under 40 years and if you have these symptoms, you should report to your doctor in one of the following cases:

You have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
You or a family member has an autoimmune disease: hypothyroidism, Graves' disease or lupus.
You have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for over a year.
Your mother or sister had early menopause.
How to diagnose an early menopause?

The attending physician will make you automatically a physical exam and a blood test to rule out other causes early menopause, including pregnancy and thyroid disease. It is also useful to measure the level of estradiol, the main hormone estrogen. Low indicates a decreased activity of the ovary, after less than 36 is menopause.

Test the most important and most used to diagnose premature menopause and measuring the rate of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH prompts the ovaries to secrete estrogen. When this secretion decreases, FSH levels rise. If it exceeds 30-40 mIU / mL, it usually indicates a menopause.

What are the risks associated with early menopause?

Like any woman in menopause, the breakdown of estrogen in women in early menopause exposed to certain diseases, including osteoporosis.

There is also an increased risk of contracting colon cancer , ovarian cancer, periodontal disease, tooth loss and cataract formation.

And the fact that contrary to natural menopause, early postmenopausal women lose up faster protective level of estrogen, the risk of contracting these diseases is even greater.

How to deal with early menopause?

Although the risks and emotional disorders are more important than the waning of natural menopause, symptomatic treatment remains the same. Women wishing to get pregnant should consult a specialist to address the issue.

Early menopause is irreversible?

As the result of an underlying process, early menopause is still reversible.

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