Folder Nursing Cards

Each type of card should bring up his name, even avoiding any "a", "the", "the", "of", eg "water balance Registration Form", followed by the usual data that identifies you. Each course will have a different structure, suitable content to be recorded.

The "registration card prescription" for example, can be very similar to a diary, with simple lines which indicate: the date, time, prescription, initials of prescriber, space to indicate the successful execution.

The "Registration Form vital signs" can have a table structure, and a header with date, time, pulse (beats / minute), temperature (° C), blood pressure (mm / Hg), respiration (breaths / minute), glucose (mg / dl), weight (kg), bowel (+), diuresis (ml), and anything else that might be of interest to the department or service that uses it.

Will then be compiled only the parameters that are relevant to the client (if you are diabetic, you will only use for blood glucose). The "Registration Form therapy" is one of the most delicate and complex to manage. In many departments the card or the "notebook" of therapy are no longer used, because the drugs are to be read directly from the per diem completed by the physician at the time of administration.

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