Allergic Dermatitis

The dermatitis, allergic (or the eczema are allergic) is an inflammatory reaction (immune) of the skin, caused by a hypersensitivity of mast cells of the immune system to a substance ( allergen ) and / or congenital problems of synthesizing fatty acid gamma-linolenic ( neurodermatitis , atopic eczema ). It is not contagious, it is also called eczema.


With respect to skin diseases is often difficult to distinguish from infectious forms of allergies, irritating or toxic. Often follows an allergy to fungal infection and / or bacterial skin flora caused by disturbed (lack of fatty acids and dry skin) and / or micro-lesions of the skin caused by clothing or scratching the affected area.

Sometimes it is the skin manifestation of food allergy, especially in children.


The dermatitis is usually manifested by redness, scaling, vesicles , blisters, abrasions and scabs. Sometimes the same patient has multiple injuries. The latter, initially present only in the area of ​​contact, can also be extended elsewhere. The itching is less important than the irritant contact forms.

Allergy Desensitization
The allergy desensitization is based on the use of identified allergens taken by the patient for long periods of time: one two three years. The determination of the allergen or allergens responsible for the allergic reaction can be identified at present with various tests such as the prick test or patch test, or the measurement of serum Rast for each or group of allergens, in addition to the total IgE assay.

Types of allergen

The nickel is a metal found in many objects, such as sunglasses , necklaces, coins, wristwatches etc..

The main source of chromium is the concrete , which is why many in the cement masons and workers are suffering from dermatitis. Chromium is also present in detergents in soaps, in fabrics, etc..

The cobalt is present in the cement and various metal alloys, inks, dyes, lubricating oils.

They are used in textiles , in cosmetics , in leather processing, dyeing hair.

The resins are used in the fields of industrial , electrical , automotive , shipbuilding , etc.., but also in the preparation of surgical and dental implants.

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