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Contains the written formulation of the entire nursing process , the aims and objectives of the services provided to the user, based on the needs identified and diagnoses derived from these. Evaluate the residual capacities of the individual and determines the activities required to attain the set goals, expressed in terms of expected results.

Be drafted in a clear, flexible, well-defined, must consider the human and material resources available and should include the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention (performance indicators). Apply the scientific method of problem solving ( problem solving ) and used as a starting database of the history of nursing.

Graphically it can be summarized into four "pillars": nursing diagnosis (or problem related to the need), Objective (expected result in the short, medium or long term, with the adoption of performance indicators), Intervention (related to the problem and made ​​dependent on 'objective, planned activities in the individual and at the time of execution) and Verify (analysis of performance indicators and possible return to the previous phases, with the reassessment of objectives and interventions).

In some areas, such as emergency room (where the speed of action is essential to ensure health same user), or as the specialist clinic (where you are stationed only a few minutes), the possibility of establishing a care plan with its history is absolutely out of question.

However, a team that works in these areas of care plans can use "pre", in the form of standardized procedures or simple operating instructions, which, while not reaching the level of sophistication and customization tool that would allow, enable a practical response, perhaps essential and minimalist, but correct in its application and more effective.

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