What is Medical Laboratory Technician

What is Medical Laboratory Technician

The profession of laboratory technician, female 80%, has an unemployment rate (3%) lower than the national average (7%). The rate of employment growth is also expected to be above average, due to current trends: the growing and aging population leading to increased demand for health services, the emergence of new technologies for diagnosis and treatment, and increased government investment in health. However, the increased use of automated procedures for diagnosis and treatment will likely slow job creation. The highest concentrations of medical laboratory technicians are in Alberta and Quebec and lowest in Newfoundland and New Brunswick.

Medical Laboratory Technician Description

Medical laboratory technicians work in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research institutes and universities and in government research laboratories.

Medical Laboratory Technician Main tasks

Collect samples of blood or other samples from patients;
Receive tissue samples from patients;
Note the patient samples and prepare them for testing;
Prepare the medical laboratory equipment;
Perform routine laboratory tests and analyze the samples;
Clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment.

Medical Laboratory Technician Degree

For medical laboratory technician, you must have a high school diploma and have received training in the workplace, or have completed a technician or assistant for a period of six to fourteen months. For medical laboratory technician and radiology, you need training combined laboratory technology and radiology.
Most new workers in the field have a college diploma, and almost 40% have an undergraduate degree.

Medical Laboratory Technician Skills and abilities

Learn teamwork
Have business skills
Have communication skills
Computer skills
What is Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician Salary

The hourly wage of the laboratory technician ($ 23.00) is close to the national average ($ 21.00) and its growth rate is above average.

Medical Laboratory Technician Professional development

Clinical and private laboratories offer good job opportunities. Regularly refresh your knowledge of new medical technologies and improve your communication skills, this will allow you to distinguish you from other candidates.

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