Microbiologist job description

Microbiologist job description

Microbiology is a science which is divided into several areas: bacteriology, virology, parasitology and immunology. The objective of microbiology is to increase the specific knowledge to counter the spread of harmful microorganisms and to learn practical applications of research results (waste-water treatment, waste processing, fermentation, fertilization, drugs).

Microbiologist Description

Microbiologist studies the structure, metabolism, genetics and ecology of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae. He is interested in the relationship of these organisms among themselves and with their environment and observes the adverse and beneficial learned.

The microbiologist must look to biology (the constitution and functioning of living bodies) and enjoy working in a concrete way with precision instruments.

Microbiologist Main tasks

Studying bacteria (nature and characteristics)
∙ Classify, isolate the bacteria cultures and make
∙ To chemical analysis and biological analysis of the behavior
∙ Prepare reports
∙ Publish the results
∙ Possibly supervise the work of a team
∙ Participate in scientific meetings
Microbiologist job description

Microbiologist Degree

To access the job of microbiologist, it is recommended to have a bachelor's degree in microbiology.
Over 60% of students study in order to obtain a master's or doctoral degree.

Microbiologist Skills

Master the laboratory techniques
∙ Know the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
∙ Having concern for the safety and apply WHMIS (information system on hazardous materials at work)
∙ Have computer skills


∙ Analytical and synthetic
∙ Rigor and thoroughness
∙ Sense of initiative and autonomy
∙ Capacity for teamwork
∙ Multipurpose
∙ Good oral and written communication

Microbiologist Salary

The remuneration of a microbiologist depended on the industry in which it operates. It also depends on the level of study. A microbiologist with a bachelor's degree will have an average wage of $ 32 000, while a master's degree will earn about $ 45 000.

Microbiologist Professional development

Career development depends, again; the industry has chosen the microbiologist. After several years of experience, he can coach a team more or less. It also can switch from one industry to another. A microbiologist interested in academic careers, can do research, to become a teacher and publications.

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