What is a chemist

What is a chemist

Chemist Description

Research and development in technical sales, through production and quality control, the term "chemist" cuts across various businesses. In the laboratory, the chemist is responsible for analyzing the properties of molecules and to invent new reactions. In a factory, he designed and optimized facilities for mass production, while ensuring environmental compliance and safety. It can also handle the marketing of chemicals. Whatever its function, it is not uncommon that manages a team of professional technicians.

Chemist Main tasks

• conduct economic feasibility studies and technical areas related to chemical industries, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, other processing industries, pulp and paper, food and cosmetics
• Perform research to develop or advance processes, and chemical reactions
• evaluate the materials and chemical process technology and determine production specifications
• design and testing facilities and equipment for chemical and related processes
• supervise the construction, modification, operation and maintenance of pilot
 plants, units or treatment facilities
• develop and conduct programs of quality control, operating procedures and control strategies to ensure consistency and compliance in respect to raw materials, products, waste or emissions
• Prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders for industrial construction
• Supervise technicians, technologists and other engineers
• perform administrative tasks including developing guidelines and requirements for handling hazardous chemicals, the environmental protection or standards on food, materials and consumer products

Chemist Degree

The BA in chemistry is a minimum, possibly with a specialty by field where you want to change. However, the vast majority of chemists have a Master's level at this time. You should also know that the profession is regulated as a chemist. To exercise this right, you must be a member of the Order of Chemists of your province.

Chemist Skills

• Knowing the "alphabet" of basic chemistry, the periodic table of elements
• Anticipate the interactions of different chemical molecules
• Control software and machines specific to chemistry
• Know popularizing complex issues with lay terms
• Being bilingual in written and oral
• Able to write clear and accurate reports

What is a chemist

• Observation capabilities
• Patience
• Rigor
• Adaptability
• Autonomy and organization
• Interpersonal skills

Chemist Salary

A chemist junior earns 22 000 and $ 24 000 annually. End of their career, it is possible to reach 80 000 to $ 100 000. Of course, everything depends on the functions performed, the level of graduation, the size of the company and the status of the employer (private or public).

Chemist Professional development

The classical evolution is to direct a laboratory or unit. Many chemists are also courses in administration in mid-career. Others prefer to act as experts for the court, for example in court cases.

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