Pharmacologist Salary

Pharmacologist Salary


Other Name: Pharmacology

Pharmacology covers all aspects of medicine, as well as their employment history and their consequences. Pharmacology includes pharmaceutical technology, that is to say regarding the drug from its conception to its administration, the pharmacodynamics: effects of drugs on living organisms, pharmacokinetics is to say the changes undergone by drugs in the body, from ingestion to elimination.

Pharmacologist Description

The pharmacologist is first and foremost a physician, pharmacist or a biologist of the drug. It conducts experiments and analysis to better understand the effects of pharmaceuticals and drugs on the human or animal. Its role is also to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of physical illnesses and psychological.

The pharmacologist working in the laboratory for basic research in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology, in educational institutions or finally in hospitals.

Pharmacologist Main tasks

∙ Search the efficacy and safety of a drug
∙ Make tests to study the mutagenic (mutation), carcinogenic and teratogenic (malformation) of certain chemicals and drugs
∙ Set up the customary dose of the drug
∙ Partake in the research of new products (new drugs or new production techniques)
∙ Make available in a row on drugs
Pharmacologist Salary

Pharmacologist Degree

The pharmacologist has an initial training in pharmacy, molecular biology, medicine, biochemistry before specializing in pharmacology.
A pharmacologist who has a Master of Science works as a technician or research associate. With a PhD, it may be an independent researcher for a university or a company.

Pharmacologist Skills

∙ Have some knowledge of biology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology and biostatistics.
∙ Have skills in statistics and mathematics
∙ Demonstrate skills in information technology and computer science
∙ To show interest in developing new cures and treatments

Pharmacologist Skills

∙ Analytical and data processing
∙ Abilities to solve problems
∙ Creative and innovative approach
∙ Curiosity
∙ Precision
∙ Patience and tolerance

Pharmacologist Salary

Early in his career, a pharmacologist will receive compensation of between 38 and $ 46 000. After several years of experience, he can expect to earn $ 120 000 or more depending on degree it has acquired.

Pharmacologist Professional development

The pharmacologist can stay in their lanes and climb the ladder, becoming director and supervisor. It may also wish to move to other places such as sales, marketing or patents.

The evolution to a pharmacologist who works in an international company through jobs - career opportunities - abroad. It must therefore be prepared to be relocated.

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