How much do Pharmacy Technicians make

How much do Pharmacy Technicians make

Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician can work in a pharmacy in the retail networks, independent pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, and related organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and health insurance life, sale of bulk drugs and pharmaceutical supplies.

Pharmacy Technicians Description

The pharmacy technician provides administrative support and technical assistance to pharmacists working in hospitals or retail pharmacies.

In most retail pharmacies, the technician is often interrupted by orders, phone calls, questions from staff and those of clients. Hours can be long and irregular, sometimes in difficult conditions. The work is challenging and requires precision, there is no room for error. The technician spends most of his day standing and must lift and move objects weighing up to ten kilograms.
How much do Pharmacy Technicians make

Pharmacy Technicians Main tasks

It measures, prepares, packages, labels and delivers drugs. He keeps lists of patient prescriptions computer and make sure you deliver the right drugs. It also handles home health products such as canes and hearing or vision.

Following his post, he can also handle supplier invoices, answering phones, directing customers to the items to the pharmacist for a consultation or pharmacy, obtain written prescriptions, sterilize bottles, clean and bottling instruments drug, answer questions on non-medicated and keep the cash register.

Pharmacy Technicians Degree

High school diploma with courses in biology or chemistry is recommended. Mainly hospitals require one year of study in pharmacy colleges.

Pharmacy Technicians Skills

∙ excellent knowledge of mathematics
∙ mastery of computer
∙ basic knowledge of chemistry or biology


∙ concentration and precision
∙ good memory, clarity, reliability
∙ manual dexterity
∙ excellent oral and written communication

Pharmacy Technicians Salary

The average annual salary amounts to 28,531 dollars, with an average low located 13,046 dollars, and an average high amounting to 36,981 dollars.

Pharmacy Technicians Professional development

One can, after some years of experience, progress to a supervisory position or to the pharmacist.

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