Discovering implant dentistry

The dental implant is a surgical technique that is used to restore the functional ability of a patient who no longer has one or more teeth or who, for medical reasons, needs to remove someone.

Through an implanted metallic elements of nature inside the bone of the jaw, jaw or under the gum, which allow you to fit the prosthesis that they replace the original teeth. These can be fixed or removable prosthesis.

Most of these plants oriented to return the power to chew patients are achieved by the use of titanium. This material is chosen to minimize the possibility of rejection of the human body. The immune reaction that rejects the plant occurs when foreign bodies are present in the protein, which in this case are entirely absent. Titanium is the base of the osseointegration process, the relationship that exists between the bone and foreign bodies.

Virtually do not exist. Such treatment is for everybody, even if the last word is left to the dentist. If necessary, you will be subjected to a questionnaire in which you report your current physical and mental condition and any treatment in progress. Opt for a solution as the implant is also to protect the rest of the dental arch. The fact intact teeth are not affected by the plant. Type on any search engine " dental implants cost "to deepen the subject and know the price of a complete treatment for your needs.

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